Visual First Digital Marketing

Bespoke marketing strategy led by professional visual content

Services we offer

Content Creation

The digital world is saturated with images and videos. Poor quality creates visually polluted brands. Rise above the noise and make your company stand out with our high-end content creation service.

Flapjack’s creative team has extensive professional experience in video production, photography, design and graphics, and can help to maximise your visual potential as a stand-alone service, or as part of a wider project.

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Content Led Campaigns

Visual content is key to the ROI you’ll receive from your marketing campaign. Great ideas aren’t effective unless they can be communicated clearly and succinctly. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Flapjack Digital Media designs campaign strategies led by professional visual content. This creates wider reach and engagement with your product, which builds sales by tailoring your video production, photography, design and graphics to each platform and audience.

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Data Analysis

Effective Digital Marketing campaigns are driven by data. Activity needs to be monitored, and the results analysed and acted on. Patterns and trends are not always obvious, and it takes careful analysis to enable the strongest ROI.

Flapjack will work with you to establish your KPIs and build your campaign activity accordingly. But we go further to understand your market holistically, using data to continually improve performance and to spot opportunities you may have overlooked.

Read our case studies to understand how data analysis has enabled our clients to build more effective campaigns and contact us to discuss what better data could do for your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to drive the highest ROI of any digital marketing tool, yet you can easily alienate your subscriber base if your campaigns fail to offer compelling and engaging content.

Flapjack Digital Media can help your brand to build an active and responsive customer database, creating effective email campaigns that capture customer data and drive sales conversion.

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Pay Per Click

Increase website traffic and sales conversion with paid search (PPC). Carefully thought out strategy and targeted ads can lead to your sales and referrals gaining a huge boost, yet unfocussed activity can easily churn huge budgets without much response.

Flapjack Digital targets the right kind of web traffic for your brand, working with you to understand your customer journey and which kinds of search are likely to result in sales conversion, to enable a better ROI.

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9 out of 10 online activities originate from search engines. It is therefore vital to have your website optimised for search, while implementing an ongoing strategy to keep visitors finding your website, yet SEO is often an afterthought in the website design process.

Flapjack works with you to build website content and marketing campaigns that target search as their foundation.

Contact our expert team to audit your current SEO setup, and whether you are looking to improve your ranking, grow traffic, or increase your conversion rate, we can offer strategies to help hit your goals.

Social Media Management

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Tik Tok… the list goes on. Understanding which platforms will be best for your company is key to optimising the power of social media.

Social media can build brand awareness, growth and engagement, and collect valuable data on your target audience. Yet managed ineffectively, social media can suck up staff time and energy for little return.

Flapjack can work with your team to formulate and implement a social strategy that works, integrating it with our content creation service so that your activity stands head and shoulders above your competitors.

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Start Up Consultancy

Lay the foundations for your digital platforms to start your business with an advantage on your competitors.

From checking potential trade and product names to target popular search traffic, through to helping you manage your digital integration across your business, Flapjack will work with you to accelerate your start up process.

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