Hunted and Stuffed

Flapjack have revolutionised social media for my business Hunted and Stuffed, allowing me to reach my niche audience quickly and very effectively. They are extremely good at what they do, very professional yet really friendly and helpful if I need guidance or advice on how to handle my social media or digital marketing in general. Their services have quickly become an essential part of my business and it’s success. Thanks Flapjack!

Ellie Laycock. Founder, Hunted & Stuffed

The Brief:

This unique brand upcycling rare Japanese Obi silk kimonos tasked Flapjack with helping create a structured approach to their social media. The aim was to make the use each social platform worthwhile by gaining good ROI for the resources dedicated to them.

Recent work

The Work:

By creating and implementing a clear strategy suitable for this luxury product our first aim was to raise the brand awareness of Hunted & Stuffed with the aim of attracting a greater follower base via purely organic means.

A specific growth strategy targeting potential followers who would be both interested and engaged in this type of luxury vintage homeware was created.

Our #visualfirst approach was incorporated and some eye catching photography was created to emphasize the brands unique luxury appeal. To gain further engagement and interest a number of cinema-graphs were developed.

Recent work

The Results:

Data analysis provided us with insights into the followers behaviours and Flapjack utilised this to push level of engagement higher.

  • 209,000 Instagram Impressions
  • 31,000 Instagram Profile Views
  • Followers increased from 200 to 8500

The data also showed that Pinterest was being underutilised and a concise strategy was implemented to raise H&S's brand on this platform.

Original average monthly impressions of 1000 have subsequently increased to over 70,000