L & V

The Brief:

Specialising in rare 20th Century furniture and ‘objects d’art’. Flapjack was asked to help establish their brand on Instagram and specifically target followers interested in antiques and luxury items.

Recent work

The Work:

With L&V successfully shipping product, but with limited time on those products and resources, we decided the best way to capture much needed visual content was to organise photography at their trade shows and utilise the stand L&V had created.

The need for the followers to be inspired by the objects was critical, hence the professional photography needed to maximise each item’s appeal and beauty.

Recent work

The Results:

  • 160,000 Instagram impressions
  • 63,000 unique impressions
  • 26,000 profile visits

After instigating a strategy to attract an older generation of followers, Flapjack successfully organically grew the account from 318 to just over 8000 in one year.