Roberson Wine

The Brief:

Roberson Wine is an award-winning online wine retailer. During the lockdown period due to Covid-19, many of Roberson’s competitors were unable to operate, and it therefore saw an opportunity to acquire new customers via a digital marketing campaign.

Traditionally Roberson’s customers heavily skew older and male. Flapjack’s task was to target younger wine drinkers, and to broaden Roberson’s demographic to attract more women.

The Work:

We created imagery and video content to sit at the heart of an integrated campaign that took in social media, email and content marketing.

Content created for social channels was supported with paid promotion that targeted relevant wine drinkers. Visitors were prompted to sign up to Roberson’s database, and were encouraged to convert with a series of email campaigns. At the same time, new website content was built to encourage wider organic search traffic reach.

The Results:

During the period of the campaign, Roberson grew its share of new site visitors to 72% of total traffic. 34% were aged 25-34, and half were women.

Sales across the site were up 170% year on year, but across the wines featured in the Lockdown campaign, sales increased by 240%.